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NOW HIRING: Las Vegas Short Sale Listing Agent – We generate LARGE numbers of Short Sale Listings in Nevada. We seek TALENT to see them through.


NOW HIRING: Las Vegas Short Sale Listing Agent – We generate LARGE numbers of Short Sale Listings in Nevada.  We seek TALENT to see them through.

Short Sale Agent

Job Standards

  1. Primary Objectives To handle the sale, negotiation and closing of a short sale.
    • Convert appointments to agreements
    • Consult with clients to ensure fiduciary service of the real estate transaction from initial contact through contract to close
    • Develop expert knowledge regarding local market conditions and pricing trends
    • Handle Listing, Pricing, Counters and Addendum’s
    • Short Sale Processing
    • Negotiations with Buyer/Buyer’s Agent, seller, And Bank
    • Accomplish Closed Short Sale Listing

  2. Regular Work Activities
    • Computer input including MLS, Short Sale System, and Paperless turn in of transaction
    • Customer Service with Client
    • Tasks to and from Bank
    • Counters and Addendums
    • Understanding and training in short sales, staying current on laws, banks, systems
    • Create Log of Banks and Bank Contacts
    • Field work including Lock Boxes and Pictures
    • All Negotiations with Bank
    • Constant communication with all parties involved in transaction
    • Close out file upon approval including HOA Docs, Walk Through, Inspection etc.

  3. Key Skills
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Results oriented and has the ability to take charge
    • Learning based
    • Ambitious with proven ability to succeed
    • Willing to learn scripts and dialogues
    • Detailed
    • Computer skills
    • Accounting
    • Good at Time Management
    • Appreciates and Completes daily tasks
    • Ability to complete a phone or person to person Sale

  4. People Contacts and Interactions
    • Staff (Richard & Lori Ballen, Assistants, Buyers Agents on Team) daily
    • Sales Associates daily
    • Sellers daily
    • Banks – daily

  5. Compensation Per transaction after team referral and company dollar $1000 – $2000 for “average” team price range. Mega Agent (Lori/Richard Ballen) will pay for all marketing and lead generation costs, lock boxes, signs, business cards, office supplies, required systems. $50,000 – $75,000 probable year although potential to increase with volume.

Job Requirements

Experience, Training, and Education

· Customer Service and Sales Experience

· Licensed Real Estate Agent OR Approved Mortgage License for Processing

· 13 years Short Sale, Loan Modification and/or Mortgage Experience

The Short Sale Listing Specialist is an individual who thrives on taking risks and facing challenges while maintaining a win-win, positive attitude. In addition, he/she demonstrates on a daily basis the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits of a high-achieving listing agent who is committed to putting clients first, to doing the right thing, and to seeking win-win agreements. The Short Sale Listing Specialist works with seller leads daily ,closes those leads to appointments, closes appointments to agreements, and then provides high-level fiduciary advice on pricing strategy and the process of the short sale. He/she will evaluate showing feedback and reevaluate pricing as needed. Upon receiving an offer, the Short Sale Listing Specialist will negotiate the offer, write the contract, and oversee the deal through its close. This includes submitting hardship package to the bank, working with bank systems such as equator, and working with negotiator and investors to reach ideal conclusion.

The Short Sale Listing Specialist also demonstrates a commitment to learning and strives for growth by regularly attending courses, teaching when appropriate, and regularly practicing scripts and dialogues. The Short Sale Listing Agent is an individual who is willing to take a challenge and do what it takes to accomplish the goal with the best interests of the seller and team involved. The Short Sale Listing Agent is deeply committed to the team achieving greater and greater levels of success, as well as to growing his/her own skills within the team.

To Apply – Click HERE



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