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~ HAFA Expalined by Las Vegas Short Sale Agent closing Short Sale

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HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative).

HAFA Explained

To give a quick summary HAFA is a streamlined process for home owners to try to get a loan modification on their property, if the home owner is denied on the loan modification then the bank will encourage a short sale and incentives it for the home owner.

Who’s Eligible?

*  Have to live in the home or have moved out in the last 90 days due to a job transfer

*  Delinquent on the mortgage now or in foreseeable near future

*  Loan balance of $730,000 or less

*  Only applies to your first mortgage

*  Borrowers mortgage payment must exceed 31% of monthly income

** Note there are few more requirements but this is the majority of them…


*  $3000 given to home owner at the closing for a successful short sale

*  Servicer on the loan gets $1,500

*  Junior lien holders get up to $6,000 to release the liens for short sale

**  Paid for by the U.S. Treasury**

Time Line For HAFA Process

*  Bank has 30 days to approve or deny the loan modification, if denied short sale encouraged

*  Borrower submits "short sale" package to lender

*  Bank to review value of home and amount of money owed and establish what price to list home

*  Borrower/Real estate agent has 14 days to submit listing paperwork to the bank

*  Real estate agent has 120 days to get an accepted offer on the home

*  Real estate agent has 3 days to get the offer to the bank

*  Bank/Servicer has 10 days to approve or deny the offer

*  Bank to give a minimum of 45 days to buyer to close

Banks Participating

Bank Of America


Wells Fargo



Many others


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