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~ FREE SHORT SALE KIT by Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist of Short Sale Team in Nevada ~

FREE SHORT SALE KIT HERE By Las Vegas Short Sale Agent – http://www.shortsaleinnevada.com 702-482-7739 – Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Team


OK – So let’s talk short sales for a minute. Everyone is “CLAIMING” to be a Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist right? What makes them so special? 

Don’t be fooled by so called “certifications” agents are now using to somehow prove that they are better at short sales in Nevada than others. Simply NOT the case. Most of these “certified” titles are given out by title companies that spin out a 90 minute class which is made up of the very basics and a lot of “Sales Pitches” from the Title Company, Attorneys, or Processors involved. 

Here’s another tip – coming from someone experienced in short sales in Nevada – THIS IS JUST AN OPINION, but what are blogs for? We suggest that you Don’t choose an agent WHO WORKS ALONE!!!! Why? To stay in the real estate business, if one is primarily working short sales (…and how could they do anything else really?), they must handle volume. It is a proven statistic that at best one out of three short sales actually close. This means the agent has to spend the up front funds on marketing (if they are doing the job as they would on any other traditional sale (and why should a short sale be any different?), lock boxes, signs, files, faxes, software used for short sales, office required transactional software etc., and imagine the money spent in the form of time! 

Each short sale generally brings in a multitude of buyers that cause a mountain of paperwork in the form of counters and addendums (if being done correctly in order to protect the HOMEOWNER doing the short sale). 

So if it takes 3 short sales to close one which = 6 buyers on each one that = 18 Contract STACKS to close one short sale. And honestly – that is being conservative!!

How can 1 agent handle enough short sales to close a couple a month (the min. to stay in the short sale business), control all of that paperwork (with the sellers best interest at hand), do all paperwork, internet, and phone communications with the bank, handle titles and escrows (to protect their seller), negotiate with buyers agents, communication with the seller, watch for Notice of Sale and Foreclosure Filings on the property, and do a good job? 

No business properly run is a one man operation. If you are considering a short sale in Nevada, consider it carefully. Get legal advice (good short sale teams have these on call), and choose a Professional team of Realtors that can handle your short sale in addition to the short sales they are already handling. You are not going to be their only client, but you should feel like you are. 

…..and by the way – skip the “I closed 98% of my short sales” language. Short sales have not been around long enough for people to truly know their stats as many are still carrying the same short sales from 2 years ago! – How many were foreclosed? How many changed their minds or were rentals? How many actually closed as a short sale? Get their proven stats in writing (they can get this easily from their local MLS) – You might be surprised! 

– http://www.ShortSaleinNevada.com

Get your FREE Las Vegas Short Sale Kit packed full of vital information pertaining to the Short Sale Process, Nevada Foreclosure, Pros and Cons, Hardship Package Information and more.

The Ballen Group
Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists
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Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 604-7739


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