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Avoid Foreclosure, Underwater? Need to know your Home’s Value, Las Vegas Real Estate Team specializing in Short Sales can help

Short Sale Questions Answered by Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist in Nevada – 702-482-7739 – TO BUY A SHORT SALE – Log on to

FREQUENTLY Asked Questions on Las Vegas Short Sales and Pending foreclosure in Nevada
1.) Do I Qualify for a short sale in Nevada? If you owe more than your home would sell for – you qualify.

2.) I have enough money to pay the difference – Should I do a short sale? We suggest you contact your attorney or legal professional,
but you may want to consider paying off the difference to save your
credit or look into a loan modification. FYI – We have had people
approved even though they had the money in the bank.

3.) I have
been hearing a lot about loan modifications. Should I try one? Sure. If
you think you might qualify – why not? Word to the wise – USE YOUR
LENDER. It’s free. If your lender can’t do it – it can’t be done by some
guy who claims to be a “specialist in loan modifications” and charges
you $500 or more. The law actually states that NOBODY can charge up
front for Loan Modification services. If they try to charge you up front
– they are breaking the law. Is that who you would want trying to save
your home? If you feel you qualify for a loan modification or refinance,
we can point you to a licensed mortgage company. If you can’t qualify,
we can help you with the Nevada short sale process.

4.) Who pays the Las Vegas Short Sale Agent for their services? Good News! The bank pays us all commissions plus items the buyer may ask for such as closing costs.

5.) What is a hardship package and why do I need it? The Nevada Short Sale
hardship letter is to state your situation. The bank wants to
understand why you can’t make your payments and keep your home. A
hardship could be medical (physical or mental illness). It could be
divorce, death, relocation, loss or change of employment, addictions
causing money loss, taking care of sick parents, large amounts of child
support and so on. We can’t tell you what your hardship is, but these
are some we have seen approved. The rest of the package is simply a
combination of pay stubs, bank account statements, profit & loss
sheet, and tax returns. Some of these items are never requested from the
bank. It all depends on the bank.

6.) Can I short sale my home in Nevada and buy something more affordable? Maybe. There is talk that this may be some day be called mortgage fraud.

7.) How will the Las Vegas short sale
affect my credit. To find out an exact score hit and how your credit
will be affected, you will need to get professional advice from an
accountant and/or credit professional. It will affect your credit, we
are not licensed or trained in the credit department to tell you

8.) How is a short sale better than a Las Vegas Foreclosure?
Again, a credit professional, accountant or legal professional can
better advise you, but we are told that with a short sale, you can buy a
home years before you could if you had a foreclosure on your record.

9.)Can the lender come after me? They
can if they choose. It depends on how their final approval letter is
written. You still have the choice to accept or deny their terms and opt
for the foreclosure or deed in leiu of foreclosure should you decide.
We have not seen collections personally, but we understand that the debt
can be sold to a collector if it is not written as settled. This can be
negotiated in the final stages of the short sale once a negotiator has
been assigned to your case.

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Las Vegas Short Sale Agent and Information

Call 702-482-7739 or Simply enter your information on this page and we will provide you with a speedy response. The more information given, the more accurate the evaluation. All information you provide is secure and will be kept strictly confidential.  There is no obligation.  Please indicate when you are thinking of selling and if what YOU think your home is worth. We have a legal team on call as well to respond to your foreclosure and short sale questions.

~ The Ballen Method to the Nevada Short Sale Process ~ Las Vegas Short Sale Agent

702-482-7739 – – Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist, Keller Williams

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~  The Las Vegas Short Sale process

  1. Call 702.482.7739 to speak with a Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist and Request your Las Vegas Short Sale Kit.
  2. Complete the Quick Qualifier with the Short Sale Agent to determine if you would be a good candidate for a Short Sale in Las Vegas and what short sale program may apply.
  3. Consult with your attorney and CPA in regards to your specific situation. Remember, Nevada Real Estate Agents are not trained nor licensed to give advice on legal ramification or credit consequences of a short sale. We do have an attorney standing by to consult with you. Ask the agent about it when you call 702-482-7739.
  4. Meet in our office with the short sale listing agent to authorize the listing and prepare your short sale hardship package. This is where your help truly starts and the Short Sale Process gets underway.
  5. We Market your home aggressively using our Comprehensive Ballen Method to Marketing homes for Sale in Nevada.
  6. We find you a Ready and Willing Buyer
  7. Your designated Ballen Group Short Sale Manager will work with the negotiators to determine and discuss the Nevada property value and the buyers offer as well as your hardship situation.
  8. We receive your approval letter and present to you for decision making.
  9. It is suggested that at this time you meet with your attorney and accountant to determine your choices now that the terms are stated in writing from the lien holder(s)
  10. CLOSE the short sale transaction and you are able to move on with your future.








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702-482-7739 – – Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist including Bank of America Short Sales in Nevada, Wachovia Short Sales, Chase, Wells Fargo Short Sales, YOU NAME IT!


You may be eligible to sell your home in a short sale, if:

you have a hardship, such as a job loss, divorce or medical emergency

you owe more than your house is worth

you’re unable to afford your current monthly mortgage payment

you’re unable to modify your current home loan

How will a short sale affect my credit?

A short sale generally takes less time to complete than a foreclosure, so your reported delinquency could be shorter than it would with a foreclosure. As a result, your credit will likely improve faster than it would if your house goes to foreclosure.

While we work with you to complete a short sale, we will continue to report the status of your account to the major credit reporting agencies. If a short sale is completed on your property, we will report that your loan was “paid in full for less than the full balance.”

You should only consider a short sale after you’ve explored all other options, including modifying your loan. Please visit our Loan Assistance Solutions page for a complete list of options you may want to consider.

Will I get any money back from the sale of my home?

Because a short sale would allow you to sell your home for less than the loan, you would not receive any money back at the time of the closing.


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Las Vegas Short Sale Agent and Information


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~ 5 Great Reasons to Sell your Las Vegas House Today, Real Estate Agent in Nevada ~

5 Great Reasons to Sell Your House in Las Vegas Today

If you need to reach a Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist regarding Short Selling YOUR Nevada Property, call RIGHT NOW 702-482-7739, we have agents standing by the line RIGHT NOW.

We are often asked Is the time to sell my home? The answer to that question is based on what your families’ goals are. If you don’t need or want to move for a few years it might make sense to wait for the housing industry to recover and prices to appreciate. However, if you wish to move within the next six to eighteen months, it is probably better to sell sooner rather than later. Here are five reasons why:


Your House Will Get More Exposure Now Than the Winter

Housing sales usually level off in the summer and then regain momentum in September and October. The spring buyers’ market has passed. Don’t miss the early fall market. It has consistently outperformed the winter season.

Distressed Properties Will Impact Prices

Distressed properties (foreclosures and short sales) on the market will increase this fall and winter. This will put tremendous downward pressure on prices for at least the next 12-18 months. Get your home sold before they become your competition.

Mortgages Will Become More Difficult to Attain

Lending standards are continuing to tighten. There is legislation currently being considered that will make it even harder for buyers to qualify. Less demand will equate to lower prices.

It is the Perfect Time to Move-Up

With prices where they are and interest rates at all time lows, there may have never been a better time to move-up into your dream home. If you move into a more desirable home now, you will be in position to gain larger equity as prices eventually appreciate.

You Get to Move On with Your Life

Probably the most important reason to sell is so you can get on with your life. You are considering selling for a reason. Do not allow a less-than-stellar housing market prevent you from reaching your goals as an individual or as a family. Think about the reasons you are thinking about moving . Are these reasons really important to you? If you have to take less than you were originally hoping to get for your house, your family has a question to ask each other: Is the dollar difference in sales price worth putting off our plans? Only you and your family know the answer to that question.

Call 702-604-7739 to BUY a home, Call 702-482-7739 to SELL a home. YES – We are Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists.
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~ Chase Short Sales, Chase Short Sale Specialist, Las Vegas Short Sale Agent in Nevada ~

702-482-7739 – Chase Short Sale Agent in Las Vegas – – The Ballen Group – Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists

CHASE Frequently Asked Questions answered 

How long does the process take?

Once all required documentation is submitted a decision is typically completed within 30 days. Common reasons decisions may be delayed include low offers for your property which are under fair market value and junior liens held by other banks or individuals that also need to agree to a short sale. Depending on the type of loan, an investor and/or insurer may also need to approve the sale.

Will I have any tax liabilities?

Consult your tax advisor to see if you will incur any tax liabilities as a result of the short sale.

How will a Short Sale affect my credit?

The completion of a Short Sale may affect your credit rating. The final disposition of a completed Short Sale may be reported as “Account paid in full for less than the full balance” on your credit report.

Does Chase charge a fee for the completion of a Short Sale?

No, Chase does not charge a fee for processing or completing a Short Sale.

I signed up with a Short Sale negotiation service. Will Chase pay their fee?

No, Chase will not pay any 3rd party Short Sale negotiation or processing fee nor allow this type of fee to be deducted from the proceeds of the sale of the property.

Will I be required to pay back the amount of the shortage or the deficiency balance?

The approval letter will specify the terms of the Short Sale approval. Your Loss Mitigation specialist will be able to explain whether the deficiency balance will still be owed.

My loan is in Foreclosure. Can I still be considered for a Short Sale?

Yes, however the Foreclosure may continue during the process. Please contact your Loss Mitigation specialist for more information.

My loan is current. Can I still be considered for a Short Sale?

Yes, however the required financial documentation must be submitted along with a detailed Hardship letter explaining the inability to continue to maintain your loan payments.

I have two loans. Can I still be considered for a Short Sale?

Yes, however if the 2nd loan is with another bank they will need to approve the Short Sale separately.

My property is a rental. Can I still be considered for a Short Sale?

Yes, however you must include rental income documentation, which will include bank statements, rental agreements or an explanation letter if rents are not being generated.

Do property taxes need to be paid during the Short Sale process?

Yes, if your property taxes are not escrowed as part of your loan payment and they become due they should be paid.

I filed Bankruptcy. Can I still be considered for a Short Sale?

Yes, however consult your Bankruptcy attorney regarding the process of selling your property during a Bankruptcy.

I want to deed my property to Chase. I have heard this is possible through a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. Is this an option?

This may be an option however it is recommended the Short Sale option is reviewed first. Please contact your Chase Loss Mitigation specialist for more information.


Short Sales are common in Nevada. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You DO need to act Quickly though. We understand the Nevada Foreclosure Timeline and are here to answer your Short Sale Questions. Our Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists are standing by so call 702-482-7739 or GET SHORT SALE HELP IN NEVADA NOW by requesting help online. There are NO upfront fees to worry about so we can get your Las Vegas short sale started today. When you call 702-482-7739, a Las Vegas Short Sale Agent will schedule a time to meet and put you in touch with legal counsel should you want to discuss short sale vs. foreclosure options. WE CAN HELP – but you must act now. Call 702-482-7739 Now.

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Throughout our years in the Las Vegas Real Estate business, We have made some connections with the best in their business, and am now proud to refer them to anyone who is looking for their services. Many of our clients have used these professionals in the past and have been very satisfied.

Call or email us if you’d like us to make an introduction for you!


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