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Avoid Foreclosure, Underwater? Need to know your Home’s Value, Las Vegas Real Estate Team specializing in Short Sales can help

Short Sale Questions Answered by Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist in Nevada – 702-482-7739 – TO BUY A SHORT SALE – Log on to

FREQUENTLY Asked Questions on Las Vegas Short Sales and Pending foreclosure in Nevada
1.) Do I Qualify for a short sale in Nevada? If you owe more than your home would sell for – you qualify.

2.) I have enough money to pay the difference – Should I do a short sale? We suggest you contact your attorney or legal professional,
but you may want to consider paying off the difference to save your
credit or look into a loan modification. FYI – We have had people
approved even though they had the money in the bank.

3.) I have
been hearing a lot about loan modifications. Should I try one? Sure. If
you think you might qualify – why not? Word to the wise – USE YOUR
LENDER. It’s free. If your lender can’t do it – it can’t be done by some
guy who claims to be a “specialist in loan modifications” and charges
you $500 or more. The law actually states that NOBODY can charge up
front for Loan Modification services. If they try to charge you up front
– they are breaking the law. Is that who you would want trying to save
your home? If you feel you qualify for a loan modification or refinance,
we can point you to a licensed mortgage company. If you can’t qualify,
we can help you with the Nevada short sale process.

4.) Who pays the Las Vegas Short Sale Agent for their services? Good News! The bank pays us all commissions plus items the buyer may ask for such as closing costs.

5.) What is a hardship package and why do I need it? The Nevada Short Sale
hardship letter is to state your situation. The bank wants to
understand why you can’t make your payments and keep your home. A
hardship could be medical (physical or mental illness). It could be
divorce, death, relocation, loss or change of employment, addictions
causing money loss, taking care of sick parents, large amounts of child
support and so on. We can’t tell you what your hardship is, but these
are some we have seen approved. The rest of the package is simply a
combination of pay stubs, bank account statements, profit & loss
sheet, and tax returns. Some of these items are never requested from the
bank. It all depends on the bank.

6.) Can I short sale my home in Nevada and buy something more affordable? Maybe. There is talk that this may be some day be called mortgage fraud.

7.) How will the Las Vegas short sale
affect my credit. To find out an exact score hit and how your credit
will be affected, you will need to get professional advice from an
accountant and/or credit professional. It will affect your credit, we
are not licensed or trained in the credit department to tell you

8.) How is a short sale better than a Las Vegas Foreclosure?
Again, a credit professional, accountant or legal professional can
better advise you, but we are told that with a short sale, you can buy a
home years before you could if you had a foreclosure on your record.

9.)Can the lender come after me? They
can if they choose. It depends on how their final approval letter is
written. You still have the choice to accept or deny their terms and opt
for the foreclosure or deed in leiu of foreclosure should you decide.
We have not seen collections personally, but we understand that the debt
can be sold to a collector if it is not written as settled. This can be
negotiated in the final stages of the short sale once a negotiator has
been assigned to your case.

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• 1,740 sq. ft., 2 bath, 3 bdrm single story “Las Vegas Home for Sale in Section 30” – MLS® $135,000 – Las Vegas Home for Sale

Single Story For Sale in Section 30 Southwest

5580 Valley Canyon 
** A Short Sale Listing in Las Vegas


• 1,740 sq. ft., 2 bath, 3 bdrm single story “Las Vegas Home for Sale in Section 30”  MLS® $135,000 – Las Vegas Home for Sale

  –  Fantastic single story home with 3 bedrooms plus den with door & built in shelving offering an option for a private office or 4th bedroom. Front living room & formal dining room, rear family room & open kitchen with large breakfast bar/island. Sliding glass door leads to extra spacious patio & back yard with synthetic grass play area. All bedrooms have ceiling fans. Charming attention to design details throughout.


Property information

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702-482-7739 – The Ballen Group, Las Vegas Short Sale Agents stops a Nevada Foreclosure. Wachovia Short Sale Closed


702-482-7739 – The Ballen Group stops a Nevada Foreclosure. Another successfully closed Wachovia Short Sale in NV.

The Ballen Group, Leading short sale agents in Las Vegas at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas, have solved another short sale

The Ballen Group stops a Nevada Foreclosure. Another successfully closed Wachovia Short Sale in NV.
The property on El Presidio was in default and the homeowner was facing Foreclosure in Nevada. After many negotiations with the bank with no solutions, the home owners contacted The Ballen Group to negotiate a Las Vegas short sale on their behalf. The process was not easy, but with the strong negotiating powers, problem solving and a comprehensive marketing process, Ballen achieved the difficult approval to close the home. As with all Las Vegas short sale approvals, there must be a ready & willing buyer to purchase the home at what the bank considers “fair market value” based on their appraisers values. The seller opted to short sale their home rather than allow a Las Vegas Foreclosure in hopes of having a better credit score and the ability to purchase Las Vegas Real Estate again in approximately 2 years. The great news here is that the entire NevadaShort sale Process only took a total of 48 days to close – Start to Finish.

The specific Short Sale Facts in this case are as follows. There was one Lien Holder – Wachovia. The Original List price was $249,900. The Sales Price was $249,900 with $7,430 in closing costs with a conventional loan. The deficiency was waived AND the seller received $3000 cash back. The first offer accepted was by the buyer who purchased the property. It took a total of 37 days to approve and 48 days total from list date to close date.

Sometimes, to avoid going through the costs of foreclosure, a bank will sanction a short sale by allowing a Buyer to purchase the home for less than the mortgage balance while the home is in pre-foreclosure stage. Pre-foreclosure state is the first of the three stages of foreclosures. NevadaHomeowners, who have either a Wachovia, World Savings or Golden West loan that is in danger ofNevada foreclosure, can be a candidate for the FAST TRACK Wachovia Short Sale Program inNevada. The new FAST TRACK program is quick and easy! First, we will place your home on theNevada Real Estate market with the proper exposure to place you in the best Nevada Short selling position. Next, we will put you in touch with the local Short Sale Manager assigned to your local area.

Delinquency not required. Verbal income and asset verification. No Deficiency liability against seller upon approval. Foreclosure process MAY BE STOPPED with valid buyer offer. Borrower can receive $2,500 for relocation assistance. Wachovia will also evaluate you for participation in the HAFA program. HAFA is the new set of short sale guidelines put out by Treasury Department which speeds up the short sale processing for certain types of loans- only applies to primary residences and homes which are not owned or guaranteed by FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or VA.

Many are closing in 45 days or less with approval. (Loan must be a “proprietary loan”. Wachovia is the note holder not purely the servicer of your loan)
Richard Ballen, The Wizard of Las Vegas Short Sales, works his team magic and gets the deal done! For additional information on The Ballen Group and consulting with a Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist, Call 702-482-7739 or log on to

The Ballen Group


702-482-7739 – The Ballen Group, Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists

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702-482-7739 – – Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists explain the “Approved” Short Sale in Nevada – The Ballen Group – Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas

What is a Las Vegas Short Sale?

A Las Vegas Short Sale occurs anytime the value of the property is less than the amount owed to the lender and the lender agrees to write off the difference. In other words, the homeowner is “upside down” on his loan. Short sales may be forced by a variety of situations: job loss, loss of income, divorce, medical bills, or changing payments on adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs).

Why would a lender agree to a Las Vegas short sale? Lenders make their own business judgments when accepting or rejecting short sales. Lenders are in the business of making and servicing loans, not taking properties back through foreclosure and reselling them. They want to avoid spending time and money to foreclose, evict borrowers, and resell properties. They want to avoid paying property taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs. They want to avoid risking theft and vandalism to the property. Before the mortgage lenders will consider a short sale, they need to know financial information about the seller and why the seller cannot pay the loan. The seller will need to submit information to the lender to assist the lender in deciding whether to accept a short sale.

Approved???? What does it mean when a Short Sale is Approved

  • May simply be “Approved” for the sellers hardship – not buyer, financing, or price
  • May simply be “Approved” for particular buyer’s financing and offer price
  • May be pre-approved at a certain price (this is not always where the agent LISTS the home)
  • May have been approved months prior at a certain price and now circumstances have changed
  • May be “Approved” by the bank, but Seller still needs to agree to bank terms

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Las Vegas Short Sales, The Ballen Group, Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist Team, Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas

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~ STOP NEVADA FORECLOSURE ~ A Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist Can Help! 702.482.7739

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~ Home for Sale in Henderson, 89002, A 4 BR Short Sale in Nevada ~


Foreclosure Commenced
Henderson , NV 89002
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