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2 Home Inspection Certificates from Las Vegas Real Estate Agent to use right away! Read more:

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My office manager just gave me 2 free home inspection certificates that I can give out THIS week to buyers who would like to view homes on Saturday or Sunday with me. This is a great $300-$400 cost savings. (You can CHOOSE homes at or call 702-604-7739)

Are you available this weekend?

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~ North Las Vegas Homes for Sale with Pools, North Las Vegas Real Estate, Nevada ~

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North Las Vegas Homes for Sale

Welcome to the North Las Vegas homes and real estate portal: your single stop for finding a home in North Las Vegas. Here you can search every available home for sale in North Las Vegas.

As of today there are many homes and properties for sale that are available to search. The number of homes changes daily, so be sure to keep coming back right here, to the best site for North Las Vegas homes for sale.

~ Homes for Sale in Anthem Nevada | Anthem Real Estate | Homes for Sale in Anthem ~

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Anthem Homes for Sale

Welcome to the Anthem homes and real estate portal: your single stop for finding a home in Anthem. Here you can search every available home for sale in Anthem.

As of today there are many homes and properties for sale that are available to search. The number of homes changes daily, so be sure to keep coming back right here, to the best site for Anthem homes for sale.


Neighborhood Info

In addition to Anthem homes for sale, here you’ll also find a comprehensive Anthem School Report, full Anthem demographics, and real estate insights second to none. Please feel free to browse the site to learn about Anthem Real Estate homes for sale, and get in touchwith any questions you may have.

Updated Daily

This site is updated daily with new Anthem homes for sale and properties that come on the market in the Anthem area. Often, homes are sold within days of coming on the market. That is why it’s valuable to have the full, updated homes and property data on this website. Along with the ability to view Anthem homes for sale, you’ll also get the following when yousign up:

  • 1000’s of Local Homes for Sale
  • Access to Virtual Tours
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  • New House Email Updates
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Learn About Anthem Right Here!

It is very important for you to know the ins and outs of the town (Anthem) you will be moving to. When you’re making a decision to move, you want to work with the Anthem real estate agent who has extensive knowledge of the area and can help you and your family prepare for life in Anthem. Who better to answer your important questions like, “Where is the good Chinese place?” and “How far away is the movie theater?” Find out about what matters to you, such as the quality of the local school system, access to mass transit, and overall quality of life in Anthem. Now you can take advantage of Anthem expertise, get answers to your questions, and relax while all your needs for your upcoming move to Anthem are taken care of!

To find out more about Anthem, or to get in touch, please click here.





~ What you don’t know CAN hurt you. A story from Las Vegas Real Estate Mega Agent Lori Ballen ~

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~ So this week marks the one year anniversary of our move to Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas. What a year it has been. I’m still baffled when I look back on it.

My husband and I owned a very successful catering and entertainment company which included company picnics for 10,000 guests at a time. We had 35 employees and held 3-4 events per week not including our wedding facility. We grew that business from a mom & pop shop (literally cooking in our own kitchen the first year), to a multi million dollar producing business that we sold several years back.

After selling our company, we thought we could retire. Long story short, the nation fell into a recession, our business payments from the new buyers ceased, and we realized retirment was NOT an option. After taking a couple years off, and dabbling in some “hobby style” business ventures from home, we realized it was time to get back at it.

My husband suggested becoming Las Vegas Real Estate Agents and I wanted NOTHING to do with it. He found a Nevada Real Estate School close to our home and joined. This was a Coldwell Banker Affiliated school.  Upon graduation, by default, he joined the Coldwell Banker Office. After 7 months, I followed. I realized that there was no other business venture that I could do that would allow me to use my marketing abilities, make as much money as I wanted without the start up time and costs. I was IN and I was in ALL The way!

Our first Year at Coldwell Banker, My husband and I were rookies of the year, and top agents in our office, 2nd in the company to a top REO agent. So we had “arrived” – so I thought. Starting our second year, I realized that we had more leads than we could possibly handle, and we needed LEVERAGE. Coldwell Banker frowned on that heavily. They did not have a problem with hiring an assitant, but teams cost them money and they did not enourage it. In fact, our experience showed us we were penalized. They simply did not have the set up in their model that allowed for teams and team members to make money and be productive.

With all that said though, we were VERY Loyal – to a fault. We never “shopped” other brokerages. We were regularly found on the doorstep talking agents OUT of leaving, singing the praise of Coldwell Banker. We had NO idea.

Suddenly, a political situation at Coldwell Banker forced us to either make a move to another Banker office which was significantlly far away from our home, or find another brokerage. We chose the latter.

We were told, in order to avoid a huge following of agents walking out with us, that we had 24 hours to find a brokerage and arrange for our license transfer. Can you Imagine?

We met with 9 brokerages over the next 24 hours. Everything from the so -called “100% companies (which NEVER are 100% by the way), to brokerages that offered us a WING of office suites. With our production, we could have gone anywhere and negotiated a deal that worked. For me, it was not about the money.

My experience at Coldwell Banker in Las Vegas showed me that I needed a brokerage that understood teams. A brokerage that understood that the Rainmaker, The Lead Generator, is actually the one in charge, not the one who gets the contracts signs.

I knew without a doubt where I needed to be – Keller Williams Realty. I had Read MREA (The Millionaire Real Estate Agent) when I was in that real estate school in Nevada. I knew that Gary Keller GOT me. He UNDERSTOOD that the true accomplishment is creating a business that would allow us freedom when we reached a certain level of leverage and production. Gary Keller taught us about Creating Businesses worth having and lives worth living. I had NEVER heard of this at Coldwell Banker.

But the BIGGEST eye opener for me is finding out that I HAD NOT ARRIVED. Not even close!! It’s funny to think now that I thought I was “The Cat’s Meow” doing 7 million dollars in production my rookie year. We did not have big icons at Coldwell to look up to , to learn from, to aspire to be like. Keller had THEM.

So now, I know that what I didn’t know DID hurt me. Now I know 100 transactions in year is good, especially in our market, but does not hold a CANDLE to what they are doing on a national level. It is not unheard of for agents to do 300 transactions, 600 transaction, 900 transaction, 1268 transactions IN ONE YEAR.

Debbie Zois and Dave Jenks, who own our market center at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas have personally invested their time and energy into building productive teams. Teams that support the Mega Agent (who is the leader) but also support the agents ON the team with special benefits and equality for them.

I’m grateful for the situation that caused me to open my eyes.

I’m grateful for seeing that my business could go so much further – and it has!

I’m grateful for surrounding myself with positive energy and people that SERIOUSLY care!

I’m grateful for a culture that says “It does not matter where you rank, I’m here for you in a big way”

I’m grateful for being a survivor!

I’m grateful for a business worth owning and a life worth living!

I’m grateful that I GET to be a Licensed Nevada Real estate Agent.

I’m grateful for now knowing what I didn’t know before.

I’m grateful for Keller Williams Realty!


The Ballen Group

Lori Ballen and her husband Richard Ballen manage a top producing Las Vegas Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas on DI and Durango with Debbie Zois and Dave Jenks. As Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists, Lori and her team focus on distressed properties and residential real estate in Nevada.




~ The Ballen Method to the Nevada Short Sale Process ~ Las Vegas Short Sale Agent

702-482-7739 – – Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist, Keller Williams

Las Vegas Short Sale Agent, Short Sale Agent in Nevada, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin



~  The Las Vegas Short Sale process

  1. Call 702.482.7739 to speak with a Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist and Request your Las Vegas Short Sale Kit.
  2. Complete the Quick Qualifier with the Short Sale Agent to determine if you would be a good candidate for a Short Sale in Las Vegas and what short sale program may apply.
  3. Consult with your attorney and CPA in regards to your specific situation. Remember, Nevada Real Estate Agents are not trained nor licensed to give advice on legal ramification or credit consequences of a short sale. We do have an attorney standing by to consult with you. Ask the agent about it when you call 702-482-7739.
  4. Meet in our office with the short sale listing agent to authorize the listing and prepare your short sale hardship package. This is where your help truly starts and the Short Sale Process gets underway.
  5. We Market your home aggressively using our Comprehensive Ballen Method to Marketing homes for Sale in Nevada.
  6. We find you a Ready and Willing Buyer
  7. Your designated Ballen Group Short Sale Manager will work with the negotiators to determine and discuss the Nevada property value and the buyers offer as well as your hardship situation.
  8. We receive your approval letter and present to you for decision making.
  9. It is suggested that at this time you meet with your attorney and accountant to determine your choices now that the terms are stated in writing from the lien holder(s)
  10. CLOSE the short sale transaction and you are able to move on with your future.








~ Meet the TEAM, Tom Wirt of The Ballen Group, Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Team ~

702-604-7739 – – Las Vegas Real Estate Agent – Keller Williams Realty
 Tom Wirt, Keller Williams Realty
Office: 702-439-2744


Experienced in Listing and Closing Las Vegas Short Sales, North Las Vegas Short Sales, and Henderson Short Sales in Nevada. Working in Real Estate for nearly a decade, including his birth place of Southern California, Tom Wirt brings years of experience in the field. In the beginning of his career, Tom Started working on the financing side with a major lender and then a small mortgage broker which is now a benefit to his specialty of short sales.  Mr. Wirt’s real estate career has been well rounded and has gained him experience in all areas of the residential market.  He has worked with buyers, sellers, investors (selling to and rehabbing for resale) and lenders. 

Tom’s main focus has been helping people with short selling their homes and negotiating with their lender.  His extensive experience in the industry allows him to assist others in making their experience as flawless and easy as possible.  “Tom brings a wealth of knowledge on short sales, and the financial world behind the scenes of short sales.” Says Ballen. “We feel Tom is a team player, and self-motivated, and will be a great addition to our short sale listing team as well as working with residential buyers.


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